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World-Class Facilities
Our facilities are some of the best in the world! Training in a facility like ours will help your athlete get into the right mindset and provide them with opportunities.
Over 150 Trainings
Nowhere will you get more trainings, in better facilities, with better coaches, than at Salt Lake Academy. Our coaches are all licensed and highly qualified to develop your athlete.
Concurrent Enrollment
We are partnering with the new SLCC campus across the street for our concurrent enrollment programs. Students will have more opportunities than ever to take college level courses.
Our staff and faculty are the absolute best! Find out what it would mean to your student to have a teacher that genuinely cares about their education.

Why Salt Lake Academy?

Why should you choose Salt Lake Academy? 

Ask a few of our students:

2024-25 Lottery OPEN

Lottery applications are now being accepted for the 2024-2025 school year!

Enter to win the Nike sweatpants!

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